Our Story...
Who We Are:
3 Mile Domination Management is a full service Self Storage Management Company specializing in Facility Management & Operations, Feasibility Studies, Consulting, Marketing, and Sales Training within the Self Storage industry. 

3 Mile Domination was founded by two, long time, industry veterans James Ross and Matthew Van Horn. While operating facilities through the financial crisis both James and Matthew realized something extremely disturbing...the self storage industry was inadequately prepared to handle our new economy. The systems used to operate our facilities, market our facilities, train our operations staff, and access vital information needed to change.  The larger self storage REIT's recognized this and started to make changes to their systems, but the independent self storage operators were left behind. 

The time when an investor could develop a self storage facility, sit back, and wait for customers is gone!!

Unfortunately, those days are never coming back. New Self Storage Development is on the horizon and will affect almost every market.  It's time to prepare for what's coming....    

What We Do:
WE INCREASE YOUR PROFITS...Our revenue management systems maximize profits through proven pricing models and strategies. Your expenses are going to continue to rise and some of those expenses will rise through no fault of your own. Stop watching your self storage profits get chewed up like a Wildebeest on a National Geographic Documentary. It's time to fight back and we can help you.  

WE IMPLEMENT MARKETING STRATEGIES THAT WORK...Self Storage Marketing has changed. Our customers no longer react to simple advertising because they are bombarded with this type of lazy and boring material all day, every day. If your self storage facility doesn't stand out you're simply on the clock to get replaced with the next latest and greatest facility that comes out of the ground. Stop advertising and start marketing. We utilize a variety of effective marketing methods to develop marketing campaigns for your self storage facility. It's time to increase your rentals, increase your revenue, and keep your competitors at bay.

ITS' TIME TO START TRAINING AGAIN...Whenever you listen to a great sports coach such as John Wooden, Pat Riley, or Jimmy Johnson the one thing they talk about the most is mastering the basics. You don't play a game without learning how to pass the ball, it just doesn't make sense. Unfortunately too many self storage operators have done exactly this with their self storage facility's. Operators will spend millions on self storage facilities but zero on manager training. Name another industry that does this? The self storage industry has recently experienced a golden era. Customers and profits have been aplenty but this is coming to an end. If you don't get back to the basics, the basics will come back for you.

Now, pull out a marker and a map. Now, find your facility on the map and using your marker place a 3 Mile Radius around your self storage facility. Congratulations, that self storage market is yours. Let's go defend it together!! 

Contact Us:
3 Mile Domination has Two Locations to Serve Your Self Storage Needs...

West Coast Office
3 Mile Domination
James Ross
9301 Oquirrh Meadows Dr.
West Jordan, UT 84088

East Coast Office
3 Mile Domination
Matthew Van Horn
5475 NW St James Dr. #396
Port St Lucie, FL 34983

James Ross
James Ross is a Co-Founder of 3 Mile Domination and is a life long resident of Utah. James has worked within the self storage industry since 1999.  James specializes in self storage operations and had managed or consulted for properties in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Washington. James regularly speaks at industry trade events, hosts round tables, and works with industry publications.  James is current board member of the Nevada Self Storage Association and a former board member and treasurer of the Utah Self Storage Association. James holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration, with a concentration in Management, from the University of Utah.  James also Co-Hosts the 3 Mile Domination Show and Podcast and is the Co-Author of the book Self Storage Domination.
Matthew Van Horn
Matthew Van Horn is a Co-Founder of 3 Mile Domination and is a life long resident of Florida. Matthew has worked within the self storage industry since 2000.  Matthew specializes in self storage operations and has managed, consulted, assisted in development, or performed feasibility studies for properties in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Washington. Matthew regularly speaks, writes articles, and blogs for industry trade shows, publications, and websites.  Matthew is a former board member and President of the Florida Self Storage Association.  Matthew holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance, from Florida Atlantic University and is a Licensed Real Estate Consultant in the State of Florida.  Matthew also Co-Host's the 3 Mile Domination Show and Podcast and is Co-Author of the book Self Storage Domination.